Navratri 2023 Colours with Date: Everything you need to know

Devotees celebrating the nine days of Navratri with great enthusiasm especially follow the particular colour of the day. This year Sharad Navratri is starting from 15 October 2023 and it will end on 23 October 2023. Devotees across India do the worship of Maa according to there rituals. Here, i have listed below the Navratri 2023 Colours with Date to be followed this year. This article highlights what colours to wear during the Navratri festival and their significance in Navratri.

Navratri is a big pooja festival for hindus of India and across nations. Family on the day of Navratri start there day with good vibes and then prepare for arrangement of Maa Durga pooja and then they start doing pooja and arti of Mata. Devotees do pooja two times a day of Maa Durga at there homes and other places where they do the set up.

Navratri 2023 Colours with Date

The holy festival of Sharad Navratri will begin from 15 October 2023 and it will end on 23 October 2023 and then Dussehra will be on 24 October 2023. Devotees in India and abroad celebrate this festival with great enthusiasm. They wear colorful dresses as per the nine days in the nine colours of Navratri.

The glory of these nine colours of Navratri is different and there is a tradition behind these colours. Many of us know the importance of these colours, but many devotees do not know their importance. Today i will tell you about these colours and their importance.

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List of colours for the nine days of Navratri 2023

Sharad Navratri 2023 has its own significance in Hindu religion. Every year Navratri is celebrated with great happiness. Nine forms of Maa Durga are worshipped and these days have their own importance and each day different forms of Maa are worshipped. There are different colours for every Maa from the first day to the ninth day. Color also has great importance according to every day and the form of Maa Durga. Now i will apprise you the importance of the colours of these nine days.

Day 1 Navratri Colour- 15 October 2023

White colour symbolizes peace and harmony, hence it holds great importance in anyone’s life. White colour is considered as the first day of Sharad Navratri 2023. By wearing this colour the devotee gets the blessings of security, happiness in his life and a feeling of purity in his thoughts.

Day 2 Navratri Colour- 16 October 2023

Red is a powerful colour that symbolizes love, passion and the spirit of bravery. On the second day of Sharad Navratri 2023, if red colour is worn, it helps Hindu devotees to get blessings of Maa for the whole year.

Navratri 2023 Colours 
with Date: Everything you 
need to know

Day 3 Navratri Colour- 17 October 2023

On the third day of Sharad Navratri 2023, wear royal blue colored kurtas, skirts and sarees to bring elegance and royalty into the festive time and your life too. Royal Blue symbolizes an unmatched charisma, and a passion to achieve excellence in whatever you pursue in life.

Day 4 Navratri Colour- 18 October 2023

Wear yellow colours on the fourth day of Sharad Navratri 2023 to enrich your life with happiness and positivity. Since this colour symbolizes warmth and joy, it definitely makes the person feel calm and cheerful on the special day and throughout the year.

Day 5 Navratri Colour- 19 October 2023

Green colour means fertility, positive growth, peace. You need to wear green colored clothes on the 5th day of Sharad Navratri 2023. It marks the beginning of new auspiciousness in the life of a devotee. May Goddess bring peace in your life.

Day 6 Navratri Colour- 20 October 2023

Gray colour means balance of mind and emotions. Since it is an earthy colour, it symbolizes humility and down-to-earth character and lifestyle. This year, you have to wear gray colour on the sixth day of Sharad Navratri 2023. Wear it for colour change and improvement.

Day 7 Navratri Colour- 21 October 2023

Orange is one of the most vibrant colours in the set of colours. So, if you wear orange on the seventh day of Sharad Navratri 2023, it definitely means that you will be blessed with happiness, creativity and lots of positive energy. It helps the person to solve problems with a calm mind without any negative emotions.

Day 8 Navratri Colour- 22 October 2023

Peacock green colour symbolizes personality and intelligence. On the eighth day of Sharad Navratri 2023, wear a green peacock colour to get the blessings of peace, uniqueness and the qualities of compassion towards one’s fellow beings. Since it is a mixed colour of green and blue, it helps the devotee to get the benefits of both the colours.

Day 9 Navratri Colour- 23 October 2023

Pink colour symbolizes affection, harmony and goodness. Wear pink colour on day 9 of Sharad Navratri 2023 and it invokes the goodness of humanity, charm and love towards the one who loves everyone.

Sharad Navratri 2023 Nine Forms of Maa Durga

  • Day 1- Shailaputri
  • Day 2- Brahmacharini
  • Day 3- Chandraghanta
  • Day 4- Kushmanda
  • Day 5- Skandamata
  • Day 6- Katyayani
  • Day 7- Kalaratri
  • Day 8- Mahagauri
  • Day 9- Siddhidatri

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