Matthew Perry Dies at 54 – Biography, Career, Net Worth and Reason of Death

American-Canadian actor Matthew Perry has died at the age of just 54 as he has been found dead in his Los Angeles home on 28 October 2023. According to the information, the actor died due to drowning in the hot tub. I want to update you that Matthew became famous with the TV sitcom ‘Friends-Like Us’ where he played the character of Chandler Bing.

Matthew has also worked in ‘Beverly Hills 90210’ and ‘A Night in the Life of Jimmy Reardon’ but he got his identity and fame from the TV sitcom Friends-Like Us. This series started on 22 September 1994 and ended on 6 May 2004. He has also worked in many films like Fools Rush In, Almost Heroes, 17 Again, The Whole Nine Yards, and The Ron Clark Story.

Friends Fame, Matthew Perry Dies at 54

Actor Matthew Perry, who played the character of Chandler Bing in the famous web series ‘Friends’, is no more. The news of Matthew Perry’s demise has shaken people. The actor’s body was found submerged in the hot bathtub of his house. Matthew Perry died due to drowning in the bathtub. The famous web series ‘Friends’ has millions of fans.

People watch this series many times without getting bored. Every character of ‘Friends’ lives in the hearts of the fans. But meanwhile, a bad news has come for the fans of this series. Actor Matthew Perry, who played Chandler Bing in ‘Friends’, has passed away. This news has broken the hearts of millions of fans and there is an atmosphere of mourning everywhere due to the death of the actor.

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Matthew Perry 2023 Bio Details

Full NameMatthew Langford Perry
Nick NameMatthew, Perry
Date of Birth19 August 1969
OccupationsActor, comedian, and producer
Birth PlaceWilliamstown, Massachusetts
Date of Death28 October 2023
NationalityCanadian and American
Net Worth$120 million

Matthew Perry’s Personal Life

Matthew was born on August 19, 1969 in Williamstown and he was one year old when his parents died. Matthew Perry did not marry, but he had engaged with Molly Hurwitz a few years ago, their relationship could not last long and they broke the engagement after 6 months. Apart from this, Mathew’s name has also been heard with Lizzie Caplan.

It is said that actor Mathew had become a drug addict and for it he himself had told that he had become addicted to drugs since the age of 14. After which he had to face many serious diseases. Mathew had told that he had spent more than eight million US dollars  to get rid of this drug addiction.

Matthew Perry Dies at 54 - Biography, Career, Net Worth and Reason of Death

Friends Chandler Bing’s Death Reason

The news of the death of actor Matthew Perry, who became popular with the American show Friends, has shocked everyone. Matthew Perry is the actor who played the iconic role of Chandler Bing in the show. Chandler Bing who is the favorite character of every Friends fan. Famous for his brilliant sarcasm and one liner punch. On 28 October 2023, 54-year-old Mathew was found dead in his home.

According to local media reports, Matthew’s body was found in the hot tub of his home in Los Angeles. It is believed that Chandler Bing’s death occurred due to drowning. It is in news that Perry returned home after playing pickle ball for two hours and sent his assistant for some work. When the assistant returned later on, Perry was found unconscious in the Jacuzzi. The assistant immediately informed the police. No intoxicants or drugs were found on the spot and local Police is busy investigating the matter.

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Matthew Perry’s Know for

YearShow/SeriesCasting Name
1988A Night in the Life of Jimmy ReardonFred Roberts
1989She’s Out of ControlTimothy
1994Getting InRandal Burns
1998Almost HeroesLeslie Edwards
1999Three to TangoOscar Novak
2002Serving SaraJoe Tyler
2006The Ron Clark StoryRon Clark
2007NumbHudson Milbank
200917 AgainOlder Mike O’Donnell

Some Facts about Matthew Perry’s Life

There are some aspects of the life of Matthew Perry, who played the character of “Chandler” in “Friends”, which is ranked as the most popular comedy show in the history of television, about which hardly anyone would know. Matthew had made his place in the hearts of people all over the world through the character of Chandler. He had made people laugh a lot in the character of Chandler. The real life of Chandler, who cracks the most jokes in the show is now no more, has been full of ups and downs. I want to throw light on his life

  • Matthew’s mother, Suzanne Marie Morrison, was a Canadian journalist by profession, who worked as press secretary to Pierre Trudeau.
  • He used to be a tennis player before becoming a popular actor.
  • Julia Roberts and Perry, who appeared as guests on Friends, were shown as a couple had dated each other in real life also.
  • He auditioned for the role of Chandler in the show Friends without any script. This was possible because he was already assisting a friend in the writing of this role.
  • He was struggling with drug addiction in his real life for a long time.
  • He was the only Friends cast member who used to help writers because he was famous for cracking jokes. And the director also often used his jokes in the show.

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